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"My biggest challenge after joining hSenid Business Solutions was getting to know and understand the PeoplesHR products, and PeoplesHR Academy saved the day.
The Academy contains comprehensive courses that allows students to learn at their own speed and provides tools to help them continue their education and expand on what we have learned. It allowed learners to converse with one another, which enhanced the learning atmosphere. It was a fantastic learning experience since I wrapped a real-life experience around the course modules and projects.

Excellent Course! Excellent platform!

Ashen Bandara
Executive, Pre-Sales and Analytics- hSenidBiz Solutions PLC

"I recently completed the Government Of Uganda Human Capital Management system's  Skill Assessment through PeoplesHR Academy. As a designated officer in charge of HCM Training, I express my gratitude for such an excellent online certification avenue. 
I witnessed many public officers in the Government of Uganda representing various institutions conveniently earning their certification with commendable scores through PeoplesHR Academy. "

Mr. Christopher Irama
Assistant Commissioner- Human Resource Management
Ministry of Public Service
Republic of Uganda

"Firstly, I want to thank the organizers of this awesome online training and then the instructors for their intellectual teachings. This training will pave a way for many in the understanding of digital skills.
I love the content of this course training, it was so interesting. The questions and answers segment that was initiated enhances the online learning process.
I now get to understand and view the IT Industry from a different perspective. It is helpful training. This training has changed my perspective on the subject discussed. I appreciate your effort.

Prabhath Madhusanka
Associate Cloud Engineer-hSenid Biz Solutions PLC

"I recently completed several courses on PeopleHR Academy, and I couldn't be more impressed with the experience. The curriculum is comprehensive, the instructors are knowledgeable, and the interactive modules make learning about the PeopleHR software both engaging and effective. This training has significantly enhanced my understanding of HRIS and its practical applications in our organization. I highly recommend PeopleHR Academy to anyone looking to deepen their expertise in HRIS. "

Ali Hasan Mito
Associate Business Analyst-Engineering - hSenid Bangladesh
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