FAQs For You

What is PeoplesHR Academy?

PeoplesHR Academy is a digital learning platform powered by PeoplesHR Pty Ltd to provide training to stay updated with your skills and knowledge on PeoplesHR. 

What do we offer?

  • Self Paced Learning Materials - Learners can use self – paced learning materials, demonstration videos on the demo instance and role based quick guide documents to learn the PeoplesHR product further.
  • Assessments - Learners will have to take assessments upon completion of each modules to test the learners’ knowledge and to learn from their mistakes.
  • Practical Application -Sandbox environment to practically test their knowledge with the support of quick guide documents.
  • On Demand Content- Instructor led virtual trainings programmes and webinars.
  • Content Library - Recorded webinars series. (Internal employees)

Who Can Learn?

  • Customers who are interested in staying up to date on their knowledge on and to brush up their skills related to the features of PeoplesHR.
  • HR Professionals who’re interested in learning HR Automation.
  • Individuals interested in joining as our sales partners.

How do I choose the correct courses for my job role?

Our certifications are categorized into main HR functions. You can choose your course by going through the HR modules covered in the certification.

How do you get certified?

At the end of each module, learners will be tested on their knowledge with assessments. The digital certificates will be issued upon the successful completion of each course. Learners will be able to share their digital certificates on their social media platforms with their friends and colleagues.
Click here to find the available certifications.

What is the difference between PeoplesHR certification courses and learning packs?

  • Certifications courses works for learners who wants to earn a credential and enhance their knowledge in PeoplesHR. This includes evaluations upon completion of learning materials.
  • Learning packs includes learning materials such as demo videos and quick guide documents on PeoplesHR modules for learners who wants to subscribe them and have them available on their finger tips. 

Can I download course videos from PeoplesHR Academy?

PeoplesHR Academy is a streaming-only solution. You can only view the videos from an internet-connected device. Playback of any lesson at any time is available.

How long do I have access to these video files?

For the paid courses, you’ll have access to the videos from your enrollment date till the expiry date set for the course you have chosen. 

Can I log in to my PeoplesHR courses and watch videos from any computer with my username and password?

Yes. You can log in to your training with any internet-connected device. Please note that unauthorized use, sharing, or reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Is support included?

Yes. Learners can access support through our online support system.

Can I view my progress on course completion?

Yes, of course. you will see your course completion status on your profile.

What is the certification expiration date?

The certifications will be valid for 2 years from the date that the certification is received. You are eligible to recertify after completing the recertification courses.
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