A Digital Learning Experience to Power Your HR Operation

To us it’s all about people and we believe in people centric solutions to every organization to stay ahead of their game in competitive environments.

We value our customers and sales partners and are committed to continuously empower them by helping them understand our products and solutions better.

The PeoplesHR Certification Programme aims at creating an ecosystem of empowered customers and sales partners who understand the product and its features better through a carefully structured learning mechanism.

What's in it for YOU?

As an HR Professional

 Enhanced professional credibility

 Become an HR Automation Expert

 Proof of achievement

 Extends job based knowledge and skills on the system

 Continuous learning through ongoing development

 Reputation among peers

 Flexible learning from subject experts

 Career enhancements - Promotions & Increments

 Roll out your HR Transformation journey

As a Sales Partner

 Become a fully equipped partner with PeoplesHR

 Better recognition and revenue by delivering exceptional customer service through sales to support

 Learn from facilitators who are real world consultants

 Learn all product features for better sales pitching

Our Delivery

Our digital delivery strategy is simple and flexible to provide a better learning experience to you.


Quick Guide

  Self-Paced Learning

Virtual recorded learning

  Live Sessions

Webinars and Live Classroom Sessions


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